Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 8, 2011

I've always found that breakfast for dinner is one of the most relaxing moments of a grown mans life. This is no exaggeration! Think about it. When you come home from a hard days work, do you really want to slave in the kitchen for hours, especially late in the week? Whatever your circumstances, try this on for size on a Thursday or Friday night. When you get home from work, take a nap! Trust me on this. Kick your shoes off, lay down on the couch, set your phone alarm for 30 minutes and take a nap! After a quick 30, go take a shower or hot bath and relax! Start your favorite brew of coffee going and close as much of your curtains or blinds, so no light is coming in. You're probably going to be a little groggy from your nap, so put on some light jazz music: something old, like "The Duke" or Ella. Just start drinking that Joe. Now think BREAKFAST! Breakfast, in general, is probably one of the most easiest meals you can make. Don't fight the issue! What do YOU want for breakfast? Last night was great for this occasion! The weather turned a little cooler: so I'm thinking pancakes. Not just any pancakes! BUTTERMILK CORNMEAL PANCAKES with a BLUEBERRY MAPLE GLAZE! WOW! They were so good! And RELAXING! Even though those pancakes took a while to cook, about 5 minutes per cake, cooked over a 60-year-old cast-iron skillet; by the time you were ready to eat, the walls were caving in and the slow burning smell of pancake batter residue along with the slow back burner of the maple syrup and fresh blueberries was completely making the making of a real pancake house. The coffee was just the beginning to a wonderful meal. Pancakes: the wonder of homemade batter and real maple syrup with fresh blueberries. This is serious stuff! Breakfast for dinner! Try it sometime. It will bring a world of happiness to your body and to your soul.

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