Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 12, 2011

Another year of passion for cooking! Gone are the days of wine and roses. I often sit back and ponder about all the food I've cooked in my life. I now feel even younger than I have in years past. It's not so much the love of cooking, but the love in your heart for those you cook for. Many nights, I look upon the horizon and still dream of things to come. When you know that cooking is your life, you constantly think of new ways to take the same ingredients and highlight them and present them in different ways. It's not that food can't be messed with. We've all spent countless hours trying to figure out the newest craze or the finest definition of wonderful cuisine. Sometimes we just need to sit back and remember the days of wine and roses. A glass of the brightest red wine. The petals from the stems that blow through your doorway and into your sanctuary of rest. Don't be fooled by the simple act of drinking good wine with the ones you care about and hold close to your heart. A chunk of cheese or a broken piece of chocolate to stir emotions is what the body craves. Remember: Giving is always better than receiving.

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