Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 6, 2011

Another cold night calls for soup: Pasta and Bean Soup, Italian Style! Leftover Cornbread to fill in the blanks and Ice Cream to end the meal. Now, the soup was homemade! Soaking the beans was the hardest part of the recipe. After the beans boiled for about an hour, in went the carrots, onions, canned diced tomatoes(always on hand) and plenty of herbs and spices. Cook for another 30 minutes or so and it came out beautiful: Rich and Hearty. The Cornbread was then eaten on the side. Some of us even crumbled it in our soup. This was the meal. Very peasant like. Yes! That was the point! Food does not always have to be so complicated to be good. We use what we have to better our bodies, our minds and our souls. The Ice Cream was half French Vanilla and half Mint Brownie Chip, topped with Non-dairy whipped topping and Chocolate Chips on top. The meal was simple, yet elegant. It was thoughtful! And it was complete! What more is needed in life!? You tell me. Exactly.

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