Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 10, 2011

I salute you Mr. Pig. I salute you Mr. Biscuit. I declare thee "Pigs In A Blanket". What a crazy name! What in the world were they thinking? Well, it must of worked, because after 4 decades of eating them, I still have great childhood memories of them now. And watching my child bite into them, the tables are now at different angles. We often find closure in food, at the end of the day, with arguments or tensions that have resulted in misunderstandings and forgiveness. We go back to our roots. We back, way back: because, backing up in life makes us realize why we are here today. Everything that has happened before, was for a reason. We learn from it. We move on. We make mistakes. We learn from it. We move on. There are almost no mistakes you can make from PIGS IN A BLANKET! The sweet smell of hot dogs wrapped in flaky biscuit dough will live on for years!(I see it possibly changing names in the future: "Swine In The Divine"). Make no doubt about childhood memories. They are worth living over and over again. Snowy days. Sleeping in the barn overnight with friends. Silence.

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