Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 15, 2011

When I talk about chocolate, a lot of things come to mind. The taste. The smell. The texture. The bite. The way it flows through you body and into your way of life. We take chocolate for granted so much. We didn't even start putting sugar in it until a few hundred years ago. Sugar was very expensive back then. Only for the very wealthy. But things have changed a lot for chocolate in the past 100 years. Electricity and mass production along with farming sugar cane fields with modern agricultural machines has made chocolate inviting for everyone to eat. When I talk chocolate, two things pop right into my head: Pies and cookies. I made both of these yesterday. The cookies were Double Chocolate Chews with Pecans. They are a two part cookie well worth the wait. This cookie has a mild bite on the outside followed by a chewy chocolate center that is oh so delicious. I usually don't put pecans in them, but, they were just sitting in front of me, so I figured: Why not?! Thoughtful words led to a new residence and before I knew it, new friendship was delivered to the clubhouse. The next encounter for the day was the PIE. I say this as a total means to an end. This pie was on the experimental side. I kind of put 2 + 2 equals something else together, and a massive Upside-Down Brownie Pie evolved. I then topped it with non-dairy whipped topping and fresh-cut strawberries. It will be delivered later to a social event at my church: A Soul Food Breakfast eaten in the middle of the early service. Chocolate?! Soul Food?! Let me just say this: When the pastor of your church loves chocolate, bring the Soul Food in his form of Soul Food! Amen!

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