Friday, January 7, 2011

January 4, 2010

Brownies! That's the only word it takes to say. Do you know all that one word signifies? Number #1: Chocolate. Duh! Number Two: What kind of chocolate? Do you realize all the different types of Chocolate there are on the market these days? Go into your typical grocery store. Look down the candy aisle. Now. Stop! Drive down the road and go to that speciality grocery store(usually 5-6 miles from your last stop). Go to their candy aisle. Stop! Now, drive to the organic grocery store, usually another 5-6 miles from the previous store, and go to their candy aisle. What do you see in all these stores? More chocolate than the eye can see. I haven't even touched the malls yet. I can honestly remember when the only Chocolate bar that mattered was Hershey's. I'm not saying this is a bad thing! Chocolate! No almonds! No raisins! No Dark!(Eating chocolate in the dark is great though. Tonight, turn off all the lights in your dwelling. Make sure that it's completely dark. Go in a closet if you have to. Just do it. Close your eyes. Now, take that candy and gently take that bite. Like it was your first bite ever. I told you!)Anyway. Number #3: All the things you can put in chocolate. The experimentation's have now reached new levels! Just be careful out there. Oh yes. Brownies! Think of all the brownies you have eaten!?... I bet you don't even know what was in half of them. I bet you are one of those people that when a co-worker at your workplace brings in brownies for an occasion(examples: birthdays, employees last day at work, hopefully they know this, or your boss is getting let go), you take one off the plate when no one is looking or not around. GOTCHA! What the...? Next thing you know: that feeling in your stomach is heading south toward Antarctica and some giant ice shelf just gave way. And then, the slow melting process begins. This could take hours. So Anyway... The next time you see that brownie with a capital B, I want you to think about all those other things that start with a b that is now a capital B. Just remember: One bite is GOOD for the SOUL! Two bites are going to make a bowl. Three?...

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