Monday, January 10, 2011

January 7, 2011

Nuts! When was the last time you ate that nut that came directly from the field? And you knew the grower. And you knew the picker. And you knew the sheller. And you knew the cracker. And you knew the nut that cracked the nut. Is this getting too complicated? Not if you want the real thing. A non-processed nut is simply a work-of-art from beginning to the ending. The ending of when you put it in your mouth and realize the chain of events and people that made that whole process happen. There is just something special about nuts! Is it the earthiness of it all? Is it the crunch? Is it the texture? I personally know the trees my pecans come from! How many people can honestly say that?! And pecans, in general;, are a totally different nut in some states than in other states. I don't really like to brag about pecans, but only one state will do when it comes to this issue: GEORGIA! I should know. Both my parents were raised in Georgia, and the pecans that were sent to me for Christmas were raised in trees that my grandfather planted over 50 years ago! Now that's a pecan! When you spiritually and physically know the whole chain of command from the planter to the eater of the nut, it takes it to a whole new level. And then you can take it to another new level by showing the world everything you can do with the pecan! For one thing: Sharing! Life is simple! Remember that! What you wear, what you put in your body and who you look up to is simple! SIMPLE! Remember the guy who planted the pecan seed! Simple! My grandfather was the most simplistic man on the face of the earth! He worked hard. He ate like a king. He wore hand-sewn jeans. He looked up higher than anyone I ever knew. Simple! There was no grand celebration in the reality shows of our lives today. There was no Perrier drinking of a green bottle from some spring from upstate who knows where. There was no super-wide refrigerator with climate controlled settings with ready to drink filtered water and ice in either crushed or cube form. There was no facsimile of modern times as we know it. It was true! It was bred into your soul. The little church on the hill. The cattle in the field where the pecans came from. And you wonder why Georgia pecans taste so good? Don't get me started on church picnics! Georgia wins that category too! This is what I know. When you find that nut. The one who is twisted and true. Don't let go! Don't ever let go of that dream either. Because they are all twisted and they are all true. Just like me! Just like you!

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