Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day, 2010

The Menu? Traditional? Non-traditional? Ethnic? Thai? Italian? German? Asian? Soul Food? A White Christmas? A Marble Cake with Pink Frosting? I think not! We are going traditional this year! Not because of obvious reasons, but because it's due! Just like the mortgage or rent payment every month, it's Due! I actually hate paying bills! But, you know what they say in New Hampshire: Live Free or Die! I'm pretty free right now! In more ways than you will ever know! Living The Dream! That's what my old boss used to say. Now, I'm living my dream! Non-theatrical and close to home! It's never been about how much money I've made in my life. It's about helping others and others helping me. Do we need money to survive? Yes, but not as much as you think. I'm now 48 years old. Life is simple. Complicated at times, but Simple. Oh! Yes! The Menu!? Well, it wasn't much to speak of. In fact, few words were exchanged at the table this year. Why? It was so good, no words had to be spoken. In other words: Traditional! How was your Menu? I thought so.

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