Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23,2011

Take away all the pain, and I will give you life. This peace on earth is not an easy thing to come by. We slumber in our apparels and wonder why we even wear a shirt on our back. If your not careful, you'll lose it. Quick! These days of modern times. The salt keeps pouring out of the container and the smell of my flesh is burning. Will the healing ever stop? One day. One day. One day... My sheets will hang outside for days before they are completely dry. My sorrows and joys have all been bottled up for the celebration. A rebirth of our lives into another world. The forever smiles. Reality Check! Where ya' goin'? The rain is starting to fall and the salt is being washed away. Ouch! The salt of life continues to wash away our sins and we scream for attention. "Hey, someone throw me a rope." More salt continues to roll down our back. The choices we make. The consequences we partake. The candy-coated skins on our bodies has melted away and the flesh within has been exposed. Exposed to the real light. The only light that matters. This light from above will conquer our soul and make us whole again. REGRETS! Is that salt too simple for you? Is it too fine? Try some coarse some time. A sea. A kosher. A different texture may lead to a new discovery. Regrets! Imagine the consequences. A simple tune for a hardened man.

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