Monday, August 8, 2011

August 6, 2011

Little did I know my cat has a thing for Tuna. In the middle of making Tuna Melt Sandwiches for lunch, my cat wanders into the kitchen like a lost kitten looking for his last meal ever on earth. As I was figuring out the recipe on hand, the smell of the tuna came from 3 cans I was opening. He could tell what was happening the second I started opening up can number one. The smell perfumed the room into a small town fish cannery. All the fireworks were now going off for my Charley cat. It's not like he's already big: at last weight check he was over 19 pounds. Recently, he went on a diet and still managed to gain 2 pounds. In my opinion, he's just turning into an old man like me. Always watching what I eat and never doing a buffet, the pounds never seem to fade away. So, as I'm opening up these tuna cans, he comes out of nowhere, puts his head on the bar and starts crying like crazy. His ears are flecked straight back and his nose is as pure as radar. What a pushover for an old man like me! I drain the cans of the water and return the meat to a bowl. Of course, I take about a teaspoon of this tuna and generously put it in his bowl. All crying has stopped and I continue with operation Tuna Melt Sandwiches. I pull out the Mayo, Salt, Pepper, Pickle Relish and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds. I mix thoroughly and season with more Pepper and a squeeze of Wildflower Honey. This is successful. The large saute is then heated with a little Butter and Olive Oil over medium-high heat. Laid down some Potato Bread and a few slice scraps of Jarlsberg Cheese. Topped with a good mound full of Tuna Salad and leveled it off to cover the bread. Placed one more piece of cheese on top and then another piece of bread. Grilled about 2 minutes on each side. Watch your heat and turn down to medium if required. No more cat issues. Just me and my Tuna melt.

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