Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 10, 2011

It's been raining a lot lately. So much, in fact, that the temperature has been quit mild the past few days. I must be praying a lot for cooler weather. It's working! So, a nice rain deserves a satisfying and hearty soup. Not too wise. Not too sweet. Built with character and love. Think as a good soup like liquid gold. Rich. Like the sun. It will make you glow within, and shine at the same time. A good soup demands time and patience. A little love can go a long way. The plan: Thai Cream of Butternut Squash Soup. It contains Golden Delicious Apples, Vanilla, Apple Cider and Pear Juice. It sounds complicated, but this soup is so good, it'll make your heart melt. Be careful not to over salt. Taste as the soup reduces down to your comfortable thickness. Then, re season if needed. You will enjoy this soup for years to come.

Thai Cream of Butternut Squash Soup

1 Butternut Squash, 2 pounds, peeled de-seeded and diced.
2 Golden Delicious Apples, peeled, cored and diced
1 Vidalia Onion, medium-sized, peeled and diced
4 tablespoons of Olive Oil
1 cup of Apple Cider
1 32-ounce container of College Inn Thai Coconut Curry Broth
1/4 cup of Pear Concentrate Juice
1/2 teaspoon of Salt
1/2 cup of Half & Half
1/2 Vanilla Bean, sliced thin in half

In a large stockpot, combine the Butternut Squash, Golden Delicious Apples and Vidalia Onion. Set over medium-low heat. Stir in 4 tablespoons of Olive Oil. Let this cook, stirring occasionally, for 25-30 minutes. Pour in the Apple Cider and bring the mixture to a boil. Add the Thai Coconut Curry Broth and turn down the heat to medium-low. Cover and let cook for 20 minutes.(The vegetables should be soft. Test the Squash to make sure.) Pour this mixture into a blender, in batches, and puree.(Have a big bowl next to you to make things easier.) When the puree is done, add it back to the soup pot container and simmer over low heat for 25-30 minutes. In the meantime, in a small saucepan, pour in the Half & Half and Vanilla Bean. Let it simmer on low heat while the soup is reducing. When the timer goes off, add the Half & Half to the soup mixture.(Remove the split Vanilla Bean.) Adjust the Salt now if needed. This soup will make all your dreams come true. It tastes just like sunshine on a cold winter's day.

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