Monday, August 22, 2011

August 14, 2011

Ice Cream has to be one of my favorite treats to beat a summer heat. When you combine the salt in the air and the cream from the dairy, no words can describe a great Ice Cream. A smile is all that is needed. The light at the end of a tunnel is always a little bit brighter, and the sheets that you have washed, are a little bit whiter. My favorites are Vanilla, Pistachio, Rum Raisin and Mint Chocolate Chip. I really don't know why these are my favorites. Part of it is pure simplicity. Vanilla is a base for all the toppings you could ever dream of. But a great Vanilla holds true all by itself if done properly and without hesitation. The other 3 you might say, are seasonal. But, in reality, a comfort of nuttiness, of portrait and of pure bliss, respectively speaking. They are all the flavor profiles I remember as a child growing up in California, Oregon and Florida. Things take on meaningful aspects while growing up. You can't take away the San Diego Beaches, the Portland scenery of mountain tops or the Orlando Chamber of Commerce photos. They all have a space in the back of my mind. They will never be forgotten. That's one thing that you can never take away from any of us: Childhood Memories. Most are good. Some are bad. All are precious to all of mankind. Homemade Ice Cream is a chore that is worth the wait! With few ingredients needed, Homemade Ice Cream craves a big spoon and a handful of friends. It's too good not to share. Today was special: Mint Chocolate Chip. It's no joke to say that time is precious. When you make Homemade Ice Cream, patience is key. There are stories to tell and many that are retold, over and over again. The Heavy Cream. The Sugar and Salt. The Bitter and Semisweet Chocolate Chips that we hold so dear. These flavors remain in our hearts. They are sometimes washed away, but never forgotten. It was so simple years ago. The back porch stories of old. Where did the time go?

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