Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 21, 2011

This may not sound appetizing, but dinner was totally off the beaten track. A thing we call Chicken & Waffles. You may not remember the 1970's. You may not remember what happened last night. You will remember the dinner of Chicken & Waffles: a tasty creation of southern California fare, in which Waffles are toasted and layered with a handful of Deep Fried Chicken Tenders and Country Gravy, and then topped with a thin stream of Maple Syrup. The crispiness of the Waffles with the deep-fried goodness of Fried Chicken, and then topped with maple delight is one taste that won't go away. Sweet and salty is the name of this game. We crunch. We munch. We eat a bite and we want some more. We explore our tastes. Give a little bit of time, and you'll make a better place for all. When you don't know where to go and you think you've lost friends, cook some Chicken & Waffles. Things will be better all over again.

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