Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 23, 2011

The air was filled with the smell of pure morning dew. No synergy existed. No fundamental notion of where we had been. The soundless beach was now given an ocean with no remorse. A stage was being set for all the world to see. Time was no more. No ticking clocks or minute hands. Only sounds with a single set of footprints. Was this what happened overnight? The light shined so bright in the sky and no one knew why. All the recipes of life were gone. They had vanished with the wind. No watermelon rind or meatloaf. No rice pudding. No sweet cornbread muffins. No grain or fame or glory be. Only scent above from sent above. There was no smell or taste. No right or wrong. No short or long. The carousel spun around and around, but it was an empty land. No fruit to bear. No clothes to wear. Water fountains were dry to the bone. It made you wonder. A lot! Was I late for the sky?

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