Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 19, 2011

Do you remember the back country roads of yesterday? The winding hills of gone days by and honey bee stands. The lingering taste is still upon my lips as I sip a white and red of southern delight. The crisp characters and lovely hues. The picnic tables dressed for revenge as we sat on top of the wind and watched the world fall away. I wanted to know this country again that was only a stones throw away. All the lazy hazes were set up on cue and never a minute passed. The blinking yellow lights that never turned red. The warm summer nights as we lay in bed. I wanted to think of nothing all day. I wanted to lay in the lush of surroundings and time. I made it mine all day. The transformation was apparent. The heat was sweet. I didn't want to leave this world behind. All I wanted was this peace in time. No struggle. The road back home took on different angles and dressed me with many angels. I wanted to pass on slow motions, but time passed instead. It passed all day. No looking back and always moving forward.

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