Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 30, 2011

Looking through the doughnut holes, I see photographs of long ago. The frames are dusty and the sun shines brightly upon them. The memories of the past creep on us like yesterday. We smile sincerely at the dry and the damp. The cold has brought us good intentions. The cream is poured slowly into the coffee, and we sip with patience. No hurry. The smallest speck of light is trying its hardest to peek through the open blinds into the living. We close our rooms and doors that shut. My balance is frail. The pail of water on my porch is half full from the days rain before. We long for more. My cat rubs on my dangling arm. My chair has weathered another storm. The secrets we keep within us for life. I shall tell one day when all is well. My cat snores. The waves lap endlessly on the shore and I break for repair. My wish of all and might have beens has stayed with me for decades. I ponder for the sake of serenity. The waves crash and the sun is shining just a little bit brighter. Today will be. The seagulls fly lower as the boats approach for their day at sea. And I see the wind blows. It's warm and inviting. The seaweed has swept across the beach and the wind is picking up momentum. I wipe the sand from my lips. The air is salty, but it's life. Gratitude is sinking into my soul. I look through another doughnut hole and I'm back to stay. The photos are stained. How true of life. How true of you. We look upon the who knows where and see a new horizon to the day. There are no holes in life: only sand in our feet and breeze in our hair. Take a picture and let it fall. The surprise of it all is within us.

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