Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 14, 2011

I told myself that today was going to be different than the day before. I wanted to believe that truly in my heart. My smarts weren't that smart and my hand of cards looked like a weathered stack of old photographs. My hands were shaking all day. I couldn't talk right and I couldn't walk right. I put my change in my pocket and I headed for the rotating door. My head revolved for an opening into tomorrow. I tried to like what I saw, but the truth was too big: even for me. All I really wanted to do in life was shine. Not that much to ask. To make a walk in the park look like a millionaire talk. A salty grin was all that remained, and me asking why over and over again. Where had all the time gone. The plants in the garden were greener and the pie in the sky was further away. My mind wondered. Was this life? A beginning to an end. There were no more letters to send and no more reasons to bend the photographs. Life was now a snapshot of itself: a time gone by in the time of now. No notes to be played. No message to be heard. No fascination to the future. My coffee is a source of enlightenment and my pot is an empty decanter. The smoke screens of my mornings are often filled with haze, daze and struggle. From the time that I wake till the time I make is never taken for granted or forgotten. There will be a shine in my heart tonight. There will be notes to be heard again. There will be photographs to be taken and pies to be baking. The garden grows as does life: over and over again. Amen.

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