Friday, September 16, 2011

September 9, 2011

It's a time to reflect. We often go about our business, only thinking of ourselves and doing things for us. We know deep in our hearts that things we had said have thin walls and things that we have done have no regrets. Who are we actually kidding?! Absolutely no one. We lay in our beds and stare innocently at the ceiling. Are we perfect in life? No! Are we the sole reason why mistakes happen? No. Don't think you're the only one, because you're not. You're not the Picasso on the wall. You're not the one who took the greatest fall. Look at yourself! How perfect you are! How dare you be so golden! What were you thinking?!

I often reflect on bad times. Not too much good has happened to me this past calender year. But, I do know of one thing for sure: there is no love greater than a love from father to daughter. It's my big girls' birthday! She is now a teenager. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner this year. She said, "You know what I want. I want breakfast. I want your scrambled eggs, bacon and your famous cheese grits." That's my Savannah. A true Southern girl!

I found this assignment written by my daughter not to long ago that she had written earlier in the year, not knowing it was about me. What a tribute! This was written by her. I hope you enjoy it!:

Dear principal,
                         It would be amazing to have my dad come and talk at my school. He is a chef, so he can talk about nutrition and cooking. He has different health issues that he can tell students how to handle. Last, and most important, he is my role model. After reading my essay, I believe you will consider inviting my dad to talk to the students of my school.

                        First of all, my dad is an amazing chef. He can teach people all about cooking and nutrition. He can teach kids health tips. He loves teaching kids about how to stay fit and healthy. Since he's a chef, my dad could even demonstrate cooking healthy meals, unlike other speakers. I promise that the kids will have fun watching my dad talk and demonstrate.

                       After that, my dad could talk about different ways of handling different health issues. He can really relate to what he's talking about, because he has quite a few health issues. He found out he had diabetes at the age of 46. A lot of kids would be able to relate to that. He could talk about ways to keep your diabetes under control. He was born with a hole in his heart and has many other heart issues. He also has equilibrium issues, which means he has trouble with his balance.

                      At this point, I would like to explain why I would want my dad to be a guest speaker at my school. He is my role model. He taught me to stay strong when things got harder. My dad taught me responsibility by making sure I was doing everything I needed to. Last of all, he taught me to be brave and look on the bright side.

                     I would love to have my role model, my dad, come and be a guest speaker at my school. While he is speaking to the school, he can give tips about nutrition and cooking. It is a proven fact that kids are better cooks when taught young. He could also talk about handling some health issues. It would be even more amazing for me, because my dad is my role model. I hope you will definitely consider my dad as being my schools' special guest speaker.

What a tribute to your dad! This was signed by the teacher. Wow!

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