Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August 31, 2011

Leftover Steak is one lucky soul! It's a fact: I don't eat that much red meat at all. In fact, I rarely eat steak. But, when I do, I crave a good one just like everybody else. I don't need no fancy grill marks on my steak or a little stick poked in the middle of one after it arrives at your table. I want my Steak done right. I want it medium-rare. I want it juicy and well fed. So, when the leftover London Broil went in the refrigerator a few days ago, nothing was going to waste. The most simple of salads was about to be made. No instructions needed: just common sense. Don't be a wise acre either. You'll eat this on a hot summer's night after a hot summer's rain. Take a bag of your favorite salad mix and divide it evenly between 3 or 4 plates. Take the leftover Steak and slice thinly and into bite sized pieces. Scatter over the mixed greens. I had Basil-Tomato Feta Cheese crumbles, so I sprinkled them generously over the Steak. I then poured Balsamic Fig Dressing over the top. You could top with Dried Cranberries and Chopped Walnuts if desired. Remember: don't forget about the leftover Steak. Two Meals. One Steak.

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