Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

One of the nicest words in the dictionary is friendship. It's pretty hard to explain, but easy to identify. It's not that complicated, but enduring to come by. I don't know the exact origin of the word, but I'm sure it goes back many, many years. I'm thinking Old World culture. European descent. Possibly derived in times of trouble and despair. When rulers held the world and the rest of us were just their slaves. Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. It crosses many lines and tracks itself against many odds. It lies at heart. Not in the heart, but at heart. It is generational and holds many colors. It bears arms and waves white flags. It challenges us. Some of us challenge it. We try to take charge of one that will happen. Usually, this won't happen again. Time is non relevant in friendship. There are boundaries that are crossed and lines that are broken. There are words that are spoken and others that are whispers. There are laughs and chuckles. There are moments of hush. And there are screams of silence. There is wanderlust and tearing eyes with glances, nods and "How do ya' dos?" I've seen the sweat and the taste of tears. I've heard the rolling laughter that ends up on the kitchen floor. The taste of friendship is sincere. There is the sweet and the salty. The fruity and tart. The sour lemons that turn into cotton candy. So light and airy. I've seen the might have beens and the eventual comebacks. The cast-iron skillets were as old as molasses and we all know that friends can't be shaped. Some are hard and some are soft. A simple smile can go the longest of days. A hesitance can fracture a lifetime. Band aids come and band aids go. Scars are forever. We have to sometimes adjust to friendship. It may not be easy, but it will always follow through. The roads will be walked and the telephones will be talked . The dirt will taste and sometimes turn to mud. We throw our fits onto blankets by the fire. Some will turn into flames and others will be an open book with many chapters. Never knowing when to end and others right around the bend. To friendship: a toast to believing in all that may happen in life!

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