Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 18, 2011

I remember the day my daughter was born. It seems like only yesterday. To me, she was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life. It was creation according to God's plan. I was now a father! And now, it was my time to shine. I don't think I ever really thought about what I was doing. But 12 years later, my daughter has become quit the little lady. I tried my hardest every day to teach her the lessons of life. Each day was an event. We'd go to the store and I'd teach her about nutrition. I would take her to the playground and teach her about physical education. I would give her the biggest hugs and talk to her about education. We would play with the dog or the cat and talk about consumption. When she was 3, she'd help me with Chocolate Chip Cookies. We talked about direction. She would get out her tea set. Tea would be served with lots of homemade discretion. I'd pick her up when she was down. I remember the day she learned how to ride a bike. I wanted to let go. I did. It was hard. She was off. When I found out that I was now a diabetic, she held my hand. Her grades never slipped. The tables were set every night and she would talk of science, playgrounds and how bad the lunches were at school. I made her lunch every day and she never made a peep. We were always honest with each other. She learned how to glide through the day and meet new friends easily. She always has that smile on her face and that determination in her eyes. When we moved, it was time to go. When we move back, she never lost her true friends. She wondered a lot and always looked forward to dinner conversations. We travelled together and learned of exploration. We walked and we talked about everything. We ate homemade ice cream and talked about cats, the smell of grass and why boys are bad. She never questioned me. I'd take a nap and when I awoke, she told me she had finished her homework. We played Monopoly and we talked about money. She never complains about not enough. I held her when the thunder struck and covered her when it rained. She knows I like my coffee with cream. She leaves me to football games. I take her to school and she walks so proud. I pick her up and I tell her about my day. She is a strong individual. I can't tell you how wonderful she is. Happy Father's Day!

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