Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011

Have you ever looked at the mirror and asked yourself Why? or Why Me? or Why Not Me? It's easy to do, isn't it? The nights of rain and the high heats of the day bring summer into the equation for another year. The days are longer and the nights are wiser. The mosquitoes have infiltrated to bearing their arms and the taste of ice cream is oh so sweet. We lay in the sprinklers and lay by the pool. Our teeth get whiter and our skin more older. The smell of barbecue is right around the corner of your nose and by the time you lick your lips, the source is already gone. There are the watermelon spitting seed contests and the sound of Coca-Cola being opened continuously all day. We sleep in our cars with no A.C. and build a bonfire in the backyard to roast our marshmallows and our fingers. We dare not watch those beauties by the pool. "Hello dear" is only a moments notice away. We sleep in late on Saturdays and we wake up too early on Mondays. We visit old cousins in states far away and get flat tires two blocks down the road. We listen to radio with memories of song and watch the newest movies with popcorn in hand. Popsicles taste better every year. The beaches are burning our feet and sand is getting in uncharted waters. We fish all day and drink beer all night. We get headaches, but never without notice. The salt is spirited and the sugar is divine. We sit on our porch with iced tea in hand and a fly swatter in the other hand. We throw rocks in the pond. We see the reflection of ourselves rippling away. Have you looked in the mirror today and asked yourself Why? or Why Me? or Why Not Me? Summer...

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