Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 16, 2011

Are we so lost in the moments of the day that we can't even say "Thank You" anymore? What a shame! We struggle. We work. We drive from one destination to another. We dine when not at home. We eat when we are at home. We feed the dog. We brush the cat. We steal a cookie from the "JAR OF DEATH". We kiss our loved ones from near and from far. We take out the trash. We vacuum the carpet. We stock the shelves of our pantry and refrigerator. We take our showers in the foggy mornings of our lives. We sip the coffee. We wonder at all that lives on the television. We turn it off. The pictures that hang on the wall. Of friends. Of family. Of ones that are gone. We open the blinds to see the light of the new day. The windows are washed. The dishes are clean. Our bodies are filled with the food that makes us whole. THANK YOU. Ever feel that life is just passing you by. Like, you mean well, but everybody spits at you in a mean well. Are we so proud that THANK YOU is now a passing reunion. The flowers in the dirt have all been planted. The waking of a new day is upon us all. I've walked a many of miles in my life. Some were good. Many were bad. THANK YOU. The coffee pot has now been put to sleep. The creamer is coated in sugar. The backs of our lives seem a little smoother. And we sleep more wiser than we have before. THANK YOU.

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