Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day. How thoughtful. How heartfelt. How romantic. A day placed seven weeks after Christmas to celebrate the ones we love and hold close to our hearts. Are you hungover today or do you need to do some serious talking to your soul mate? The answer for both of these questions for me is a resounding "NO!". Now, I do have some issues with the world, but at this point in time, I refrain from using any harsh words on paper. Valentine's Day was great! My 20th with my wife. The menu was great! Roasted Chicken with Butter, Lemon and Fresh Thyme. Pine Nut Couscous. Shoe Peg White Corn. Dessert: Double Crackle Cookies. They are a dark chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips on the inside covered in confectioner's sugar. You see, I'm a man who knows how to take care of his woman. In the aftermath of  February 14th, what do you remember? The lively conversation. The nostalgia from the wine. The you know what?! No. For me, it was the thrill of cooking dinner for my wife again on Valentine's Day! No waiting in lines of some wanna' be Italian restaurant. No dumb waitress where the only thing she cares about is that fat tip! Never Again! And no second guessing life. It's just so easy to either open up that cookbook or if you know what you're doing: DO IT! Do it for the ones you love! To my wife: I LOVE YOU. HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY!

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